#149 - Chris Masterjohn: Achieving Ideal Nutritional Status, Dietary Recommendations & Requirements, How Omega-6s Resolve Inflammation, Vitamin Supplementation & Limits, Veganism Implications, Choline & Fatty Liver, Aspirin Benefits, And More!


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12:30 - Chris' Start In Nutrition

17:20 - Weston Price's Principals

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30:15 - Veganism

32:30 - Longevity With Veganism

37:00 - Creatine

39:20 - Synthesizing Vitamins, Deficiencies, And RDAs

47:20 - Niacin

52:50 - Cravings Driving Food Intake

56:00 - Supplement Toxicity

1:03:30 - Liver As A Superfood

1:07:30 - A Study Rats Unnatural Diet & Environment

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1:17:00 - The Derangement Of The Modern Palate

1:22:20 - Choline & Fatty Liver

1:32:00 - Is Choline Production Demand Driven?

1:32:45 - High Dose Choline

1:34:40 - Polyunsaturated Fats, EPA, DHA & Inflammation

1:44:00 - The Balance Of Different Cell Types & Wound Healing

1:52:30 - Resolution Of Healing

1:54:45 - Omega-3s

1:56:55 - Aspirin

1:59:10 - NR Vs NMN

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