#427: Crowbar's Kirk Windstein


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The mighty Kirk Windstein is back on the show! This week, we discuss Zero and Below, the new album by Kirk’s band Crowbar. We also talk about writing the record back in 2019 prior to the pandemic, the rehearsal process and livestream reunion he has planned with southern metal act Down, the 20-year anniversary of the second Down album, the making of the record as a follow-up to NOLA, and his current tour package with Sepultura and Sacred Reich being rescheduled three times. Other topics include how difficult it was for Crowbar to cancel tours during the pandemic, why it’s difficult to tour the European festival circuit in the current climate, the importance of defeating one’s fears in his life, and if there is a new Down album in the works.

Petar, Brandon, and Jozalyn also discuss our feelings on Cannibal Corpse fans chanting “Fuck Chris Barnes” at a recent show, Tool selling an expensive box set of Fear Inoculum, and the tragic passing of grunge and desert rock pioneer Mark Lanegan.

Song: Crowbar “Chemical Godz”

Song: Crowbar “ Bleeding From Every Hole”

Song: Friends of Hell “Friends of Hell”

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