#431: Michael Romeo (Symphony X)


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Our guest this week is Symphony X guitarist Michael Romeo! In celebration of his new solo album War of The Worlds Part II, he tells us about his first memories of the H.G. Wells classic that inspired the work, if the record is a part of a trilogy that he has planned, changing vocalists between Parts I and II, the CGI-inspired videos that he has released to promote the new album, and keeping the lyrics in the science fiction realm. He also discusses his favorite kaiju character of all time, the reason he feels a vocalist is important for his solo projects, how he writes music for his solo albums as opposed to how he does it for his main project Symphony X, and why he feels he needs to get back on tour before recording a new Symphony X album.

Petar, Brandon and Jozalyn also discuss the heartbreaking news of the passing of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins and the legacy he left behind.

Song: Foo Fighters “I Am A River”

Song: Michael Romeo “Divide & Conquer”

Song: Michael Romeo “Metamorphosis”

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