#432: Dark Funeral's Lord Ahriman


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Lord Ahriman of satanic black metallers Dark Funeral is our guest this week! We discuss his thoughts on Shakespeare and memorable theatrical performances, why the rhythms on the band’s new album We Are The Apocalypse were a primary focus, and being unable to leave Cancun, Mexico, when the pandemic hit the world. We also talk about how someone stole Dark Funeral’s stage armor the last time they toured America, how the philosophy and vision of the band has changed in the last 30 years, and how finally having a proper budget has allowed him to make the music videos he always wanted to do.

Petar, Brandon, and Sylvia also discuss Alex Skolnick’s comment on the Chris Rock/Will Smith Oscars slap and the ramifications of the slap on modern culture.

Song: Dark Funeral “Nightfall”

Song: Dark Funeral “Let The Devil In”

Song: The Spirit “Celestial Fire”

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