#433: Destruction's Schmier


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Destruction frontman Schmier is our guest this week! We discuss the 40th anniversary of the band, how writing music for their new album Diabolical was his personal savior, how influential GBH was during the the early days of Destruction, if the punks vs. metalheads feud of the ‘80s was a positive for thrash's image, and how Destruction got hate from their South American fanbase for canceling shows in Russia. He also discusses his thoughts on how social media became nothing more than a propaganda tool, his surprise at how easy it was to divide the world between vaxxers and anti-vaxxers during the pandemic, the story behind the Chef Schmier’s Cooking Studio videos on YouTube, what the first stop always is when Destruction tour America, and why he feels he is the best guy to man the grill when the band is on the road.

Petar and Brandon also discuss Dragonforce not getting paid a ton for Guitar Hero, the impact of video games and music in their youths, and Chris Jericho admitting to using backing tracks at live shows

Song: Destruction “No Faith In Humanity”

Song: Destruction “State of Apathy”

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