104. Do You Struggle with Hard Conversations? with Nicole Unice


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I (Bethany) have been WAITING to share this episode with you, and I’m so glad that today is finally the day!

Nicole Unice is a counselor, leadership coach, sought after speaker, and we have been looking forward to having her as a guest on the podcast to talk to us about something I feel we can all improve on: having tough conversations.

But before we even dive into the topic of tough conversations, Nicole shares some absolute gold for us parents in the first few minutes of the episode. We recorded this episode nearly a month ago, and her advice is still ringing in my head daily.

As we begin to dig into the topic of hard conversations, Nicole shares a fresh perspective on how we should be handling our relationships when it comes to hard things. She is real and relatable, but most importantly, everything she teaches stems from God’s word. We learned so much in this episode and it’s only scratching the surface of what she covers in her new book, The Miracle Moment, which comes out this month. Don’t miss this episode and if you love what she shares, be sure to pre-order The Miracle Moment today to take advantage of all of the preorder bonuses they are offering!

Episode Highlights:

  • A little on Nicole’s story.
  • The importance of wisdom and a special reminder to parents about pursuing dreams.
  • The importance of everyday relationships.
  • How to navigate conflicts due to differing personalities.
  • Boundaries and why they are essential in relationships.

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