108. What are we Even Doing with our Lives???


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Are we living in a houseboat? Moving to Sri Lanka? Moving back to SoCal? Nashville anyone? Living in an RV? Or Staying in Ohio?

We have not had clarity on what is next for us for quite some time. Over the past thirty days we have realized that we have been seeking God’s direction on a surface level. We decided to double down and dive deep with Him. All the while keeping all options on the table, and asking God to take the things off the table that He does not want. We have been intentional about every option, and with spending time with Him-who knows the plan.
Listen to the episode to see how that has gone.

Episode Highlights:

  • Reflecting back on our intentions for the move back to Ohio.
  • Things we have decided to cut back on.
  • The importance of figuring out your priorities in each season of life.
  • Why we need to be disciplined with the time we’ve been given.
  • A call to action for all generations.

More on The Millennial Mission/Links Mentioned in Episode:

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