Profound Carnage


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Pete and Chris are back with the usual chat about the recent happenings in gaming news, what they've (well, what Pete has) been playing recently, and an in-depth talk on a topic. Up for discussion today is the matter of gore in video games: specifically memorable examples that have made us... laugh? 1:07 - News (Persona 5 The Royal, Persona 5 Scramble, Hardcore Mecha, Super Neptunia RPG, Date A Live, Dragon Star Varnir, Raiden V Director's Cut, Criminal Girls X, River City Girls, Capcom Home Arcade, PlayStation 5, Azure Wing Chevalier, Ys IX) 38:37 - What we've been playing (Sonic Lost World, Sonic Forces, Final Fantasy XI) 1:01:49 - Profound Carnage (Savage, Barbarian, Barbarian II, The Immortal, Waxworks, Wolfenstein 3-D, Splatterhouse, Carmageddon, Until Dawn, Bulletstorm, Dead Space, Shadow Warrior, Diablo III, Mortal Kombat 11, Time Killers, Nano Breaker) -- Watch the video version of this podcast: Check out MoeGamer: Check out Pete's other projects: Check out Chris' artwork: Support Pete on Patreon: Buy Pete a Coffee: Original music by MusMus:

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