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It's a beast of a podcast today, as Chris and I discuss a lot of the recent happenings in gaming as well as what we've been up to lately. Because we discussed so much, a detailed list of timestamps follows below for easy navigation. Enjoy! 0:00 - Introduction, and Let's Respect One Another 2:30 - Chris has been playing Oninaki, the new action RPG from Tokyo RPG Factory. 10:20 - Chris has also been playing The Messenger, and we chat about its "modern retro" gameplay and presentation. 17:45 - I've been playing Super Metroid. We explore how this is a masterpiece of game design. 31:00 - I've also been playing Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal. We have a great discussion about the series in general. 47:20 - The Happenings begin! 48:00 - SNK's Arcade Stick Pro. Chris waxes lyrical about Kizuna Encounter, and we ponder who could possibly afford to collect Neo Geo games! 57:44 - Onion Games announced a new Switch version of Moon, the "anti-RPG", originally released back in the PS1 era. 1:01:57 - Way of the Samurai series Katanakami is on the way, and Chris explains the core appeal of the source material. 1:07:31 - Brigandine is back, and it looks complicated! 1:09:50 - Virtual-On is coming to PS4 later this year. Lots to look forward in this mech-centric series of twin-stick games. 1:12:50 - Pikii and Tamsoft announce Hinomaruko, a game about a girl fighting mechs. 1:14:35 - Yuji Naka is working on a new game, and seems very happy about it. 1:16:56 - The Kimimi Fan Club inaugural meeting 1:18:10 - Bandai Namco files a bunch of intriguing trademarks. 1:21:28 - Dragon Quest I, II and III are coming to Switch. 1:25:12 - DEADLY PREMONITION. 1:30:00 - Deathsmiles and Deathsmiles II are on the way to a bunch of new platforms, courtesy of City Connection. 1:33:50 - The Atelier Dusk trilogy is getting a DX rerelease. 1:37:01 - We take a look at some of the new FFVII Remake footage and discuss summons, combat and Classic Mode. 1:42:06 - Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland Retro is on the way to Switch. 1:43:40 - Umihara Kawase BaZooKa! brings us a "competitive rubbering action multiplayer game". 1:47:46 - Yakuza 7 looks bonkers. I love it. 1:52:20 - I Love You Colonel Sanders and the ironic visual novel trend. Also featuring some discussion of Doki Doki Literature Club. 2:01:26 - The Snack World gets an ESRB rating. 2:04:06 - A peek at Ancient Games' Susume! Mamotte Knight, third in the series of beautiful and hilarious "modern retro" games from Yuzo Koshiro and company. 2:07:25 - Smash snippets. Terry Bogard! 2:09:29 - Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition on the way to Switch next year. 2:11:22 - Game Freak's Little Town Hero is on the way, and we've had a few more details about how it plays. 2:13:18 - Valve got slapped on the wrist in the French courts for not allowing resale of digital games, but we don't really know what that means yet. 2:17:10 - Final Fantasy VII and VIII are getting a packaged rerelease via Play-Asia! 2:18:57 - Sengoku Rance is out now from MangaGamer. 2:21-45 - Dragon Quest Walk has been a big success in Japan. 2:24:08 - Summer Sweet Heart is an intriguing looking photograph-based dating sim that we'll probably never see in the West. But it has Asami Imai in it! 2:27:41 - And finally... Atelier Ryza's post-launch updates, including a photo mode that you just KNOW will spend 90% of its time staring at those thighs. The MoeGamer Compendium, Volume 1 is now available! Grab a copy at for a beautiful physical edition of the Cover Game features from originally published in 2016. -- Video version of this episode: Check out MoeGamer: Check out Chris' artwork: Support Pete on Patreon: Buy Pete a Coffee: Original music by MusMus:

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