How the global economy is reshaping international security


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In this episode of the National Security Podcast, Sir Roland Wilson Scholar and economist Helen Mitchell and Director of Research and Economics at the Australian Industry Group Jeffrey Wilson join National Security College Policy Director Will Stoltz to discuss how the global economy is reshaping international security.

It’s a turbulent time for the global economy, with food and fuel crises, straining global supply chains, bounding inflation, and — especially in Australia — acute workforce and population obstacles. To explore these trends, and how they’re affecting international security, Will Stolz is joined by Helen Mitchell and Jeffrey Wilson.

Helen Mitchell is a Sir Roland Wilson PhD Scholar at The Australian National University (ANU) Centre for Applied Macroeconomic Analysis. She is also an economist and former diplomat.

Dr Jeffrey Wilson is the Director of Research and Economics at the Australian Industry Group.

Dr William A Stoltz is the Policy Director at ANU National Security College.

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