A Daytime Undisturbed Home Birth


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Today on The Natural Birth Podcast we have Julia Rose.

Julia Rose is a mother of two living on Darkinjung land on the NSW Central Coast.

She is a Palliative Care Nurse passionate about Natural Death Care and the ceremony and ritual of death as a rite of passage. She is a writer, an artist and a gardener and is passionate about permaculture and the cyclical nature of life, death, rebirth.

In this episode we will dive into her two births.

Her first which she intended to be a home birth but that needed to teach her something deeper about her self and brought her on a self healing and self discovery journey.

And her second that was a natural and healing undisturbed home birth in which she unlearnt so much conditioning and deeply connected her to her own inner wisdom. It was a beautiful daytime birth surrounded by her 3 year old, her husband and privately practicing midwives.

Curious about Julia Rose? Find her on instagram as @the.mother.bone

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