A Homebirth Midwife's Births in Alaska and the Importance of a tribe Postpartum


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Today on The Natural Birth Podcast we have Jessica

Jessica is a mama of two from Alaska.

She is a home birth midwife and the Director of Development for the Pacific Birth Institute.

She is on the leading edge of shaping community birth infrastructure nationwide, working at the Pacific Birth Institute to strengthen student midwifery and birth assistant education, and training access that honors culture, students learning in place, and the payment of midwives nationwide for their service as preceptors to the next generation.

Jessica had two midwife attended births for her children, one in a birth center and one at home, and she will talk for hours about the glory and power of staying home for birth and how it ignites the confidence you need to start your new life as a mother.

And this is exactly what we will be taking about today, as well as going on a few tangents as you do with a fellow birth worker.

Curious about Jessica? Find her on instagram as @pacificbirthinstitute

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