Fiona finally had her Empowering Home Birth


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Today on The Natural Birth Podcast we have Fiona

Fiona is a mum of 3 boys.

Her five year old and her 2.5 year old were both born in the UK, and her (at the time of the recording) 14 week old Hamish, was born at home in Australia.

Fiona is a birth and postnatal doula, a hypnobirthing childbirth educator and runs the positive birth program and local pregnancy and postnatal support groups in her hometown of Ballina in NSW Australia.

She is committed to supporting families through pregnancy, birth and early parenthood and helping them to do this in an informed, empowered and supported way.

She recently had a gorgeous, empowering and fully supported birth at home with her family around her, bearing witness to their newest member of the family joining them earthside.

She was attended by her midwife Libby who’s previously been on the podcast sharing her brith stories, and a Doula.

In this episode we will hear about all of her three births today the focus on the last home birth with Hamish.

Curious about Fiona? Find her on insta as @bumps_birth_and_beyond


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