Home Birth after Birth Trauma in the UK


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Today on The Natural Birth Podcast we have Tanya

Tanya is a mama of two from London, UK.

She is an early years teacher with an interest in finding ways in which nature can be more fully a part of children’s lives. This uncovering of nature’s power to educate and strengthen our children helped inspire her to seek nature’s power in the birthing space too.

She planned a home birth for her first birth but ended up transferring to hospital as her labour stalled, something that we found when working through her birth trauma from her first birth in a one on one session with me, was due to the shifting of midwives and the feeling of anxiety and unsafety created by that new birth team that stepped into her home.

For her second birth Tanya reflected more deeply on what her personal needs were, worked through her birth trauma and fears with me and communicated her needs with her birth team, optimized her birth space and had the tools needed to meet birth from an empowered state.

She ended up having the most beautiful, empowering, natural home birth and this is the story we will focus on in this episode.

She hopes that her story can inspire others to find what makes them feel safe, held and secure when preparing for their own precious birth experience.

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