"If You don't Claim Your Birth, someone else will"


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Today on The Natural Birth Podcast we have Emelie.

Emelie is a mama of two from Umeå, which is in the north of Sweden.

She is a freshly baked doula and I met her when she came to one of my Sacred Birth Worker Circles here in Stockholm.

She’s also a lover of ice bathing. She’s actually tried to invite me in joining her ice bathing but has had no success, yet…

In this episode we will dive into her two hospital births that she had before she got more birth savvy and decided to become a doula.

Her first birth did have some routine medical interventions that way too many women experience these days.

When you don’t do your research and prepare then it’s easy to get swept up in the flow and routines of the hospital or the care provider, which Emelie so wisely states in this episode.

So we do dive a little deeper than I normally do into this medicalized one to explore how these interventions might not have been needed and could have been avoided and why.

Then we continue to explore Emelie’s second labour and birth with her son where she had an empowering and natural birth.

She had educated herself this time around and got to experience her baby self attach to the breast and initiating breastfeeding.

The big take away I think from Emelies story is that you are ultimately in control over your experience of your birth. It’s less about what happens or doesn’t happen in the end and so much more about how you perceive it.

And at the end of the day you need to claim your birth, otherwise the risk is that someone else will.

Curious about Emelie? Find her on instagram as @doulandet

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