Jane Hardwicke Collings - Birthing During a Crisis


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Today is International Womens Day and I want to put out an extra episode with a conversation I just had with Jane Hardwicke Collings, a former midwife and the founder of the school of shamanic woman craft.

Jane is affected by the flooding in NSW, Australia but not as badly as my old home town and area of the Northern Rivers.

We both feel deeply for the community we know and love and want to offer our help to them, and to pregnant and birthing women from all over the world faced with war and natural disasters leaving them birthing in crisis.

This episode will go into the full process of labour and birth and how to keep it as safe and physiological as possible in the midst of crisis as well as instruction and guidance for All Women around the world to offer their moon blood to call in peace and safety for all sentient beings on this earth.

We ask you to please share this episode.

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Today is International Womens Day.

We celebrate the strength, resilience and generosity of women.

I celebrate you for being a woman in my community.

I thank you for helping me help women in crisis by sharing this episode.

Blessings on your hearts

Want to connect with Jane.

Find her on Instagram as @janehardwickecollings

Find out about Mamatoto support for birth in crisis on instagram @hygieiahealthltd

Download Jane's Unassisted Birth Checklist >>> HERE

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