"Just the Act of Leaving Home is Unnatural"


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Today on The Natural Birth Podcast we have Anna

Anna is a mum of 2 from the UK now living in the outskirts of Stockholm, Sweden.

When Anna fell pregnant with her first she wanted a home birth but couldn’t afford a midwife so chose to birth in the hospital.

Annas labour and birth with her first could and was seen from the onlookers perspective like a natural and straight forward birth, but not to Anna.

Just the act of leaving ones house felt unnatural to Anna and many things that unfolded during her pregnancy and labour and birth she wish was different in hindsight.

So when she fell pregnant again she chose a wild pregnancy and to free birth in her home.

She then went on to become a radical birth keeper to assist women choosing to birth outside of the system.

Curious about Anna? Find her on instagram as @turtlegoddessbirth



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