Rebirthing Herself through the Fire and Layers of Birth


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Today on The Natural Birth Podcast we have Kaelynn.

Kaelynn is a mama of one from San Diego, USA.

She is a lifelong competitive professional dancer, podcaster & seeker of truth. Through a holistic approach & radical self love she is overcoming the conditioned self, & claiming back her power as a Sovereign Woman.

She and her partner chose early on in their pregnancy to free birth their baby. They didn’t want any interference with their process.

And what a process they had.

Kaelynn was in labour for over 3 days moving through layers and layers of fear, ancestral wounding and blocks until she finally birthed her baby into water in the comfort of her partners presence.

She considers her free birth experience to be her rebirth, the transformation she never knew she needed.

Curious about Kaelynn? Find her on instagram as @kaelynnmay

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