Unassisted Breech Birth at Home


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Today on The Natural Birth Podcast we have Natalie.

Natalie is a mama of one from the US.

She is a chiropractor, a toxin free and juicing mama and the podcast host of the Igniting Consciousness podcast.

In this episode she shares her accidental unassisted breech birth at home. Now this is definitely not a story that you find many of. Natalie is quite the unicorn.

Breech babies are mostly delivered by caesarians now days as very few doctors and midwives are skilled and confident with breech and it has been seen as a more dangerous presentation since a faulty trial called the term breech trial was published in 2000.

And even though breech is now seen as a variation of normal, the skills of handling a breech birth has been lost due to this trial over 2 decades of believing vaginal breech birth was dangerous.

Today me and Natalie dive into her unassisted breech birth story and then go on a few different tangents about the burning of midwives and herstory, ultrasounds, taking responsibility for your choices in pregnancy, birth and beyond and claiming your sovereignty as a birthing woman.

Curious about Natalie? Find her on instagram as @drnataliehorine

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