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The New Cold War podcast by Edward Lucas gives authoritative and up-to-date commentary and perspective on the European security crisis, and its implications for the United States.
Formerly a senior editor at The Economist, the world’s foremost newsweekly, Lucas is now a senior vice-president at the Center for European Policy Analysis (CEPA). He writes a weekly column in the London Times.
Lucas has been writing and broadcasting about the region for the BBC, NPR and other outlets since the mid-1980s—and has been warning of the threat from of Putin's Russia for years, notably in his prescient best-seller, published in 2008, "The New Cold War".
The podcasts are updated weekly, and include an archive dating back more than 10 years. You can follow him on Twitter — @edwardlucas — and find out more details of his work and career on his website:

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