Are the Tories in trouble over the economy?


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UK inflation has risen above 10 per cent for the first time in 40 years, driving the fastest fall in real pay on record. The defining challenge for the next prime minister will be preventing millions from facing destitution this winter.

Rachel Wearmouth and Freddie Hayward are joined by Emma Haslett, the New Statesman’s associate business editor, to discuss the economic downturn and Britain’s “zombie” government. They also talk about recent polling indicating the Conservatives are no longer seen as more competent with the economy than Labour, and examine public sympathy with striking transport workers.

Then, in You Ask Us, a listener asks whether the leaked recording of Liz Truss saying that British workers need “more graft” and lack the “skill and application” of foreign rivals like the Chinese, will damage her chances of becoming the next PM.

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