Episode 230: Always Had the Juice, but now, I Got the Peach! (featuring @sixsixpapi)


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Episode 230: Now I Have The Peach (feat. SIXSIXPAPI)

Tune in this week with TT, GG & DD as the dolls are back from our month long hiatus and joined by THEE @sixsixpapi, the fashion icon, the influencer, the mogul and also DD’s man. We start with some life updates by serenading our girl GG for her exciting news, DD talks about all of the April birthdays and how Rihanna freed the fashionable pregnant dolls & TT is always tired and hungover and she forgot how to take the subway in NYC.

TT gets into some things and ask Sixsixpapi how long him and DD together and we find out DD was trying to erase history from 14 years ago. We find out that DD will be moving from NYC to start their family. Sixsixpapi dives into all the things you should know about family planning through surrogacy.

The fashion icon himself, Sixsixpapi tells us about his clothing brand. He talks about how his first launch sold out and how he’s been running his business from their 1 bedroom apartment. We also talk Met Gala looks and how the girls be tearing them people up. And you know we had to play Loridashian with him! You can find Sixsixpapi's line, online at www.sixsixpapi.com.

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