Episode 245: The Grand Re Re Reeeee Opening


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Tune in this week as all 3 of the dolls are back together after 3 weeks of the summer summering so you know we had to catch ya’ll TF up on what’s been popping. DD talks about his anniversary weekend and being receptive to feedback from his partner. GG asks the question of spoiling your partner and TT answers about spoiling her.

Did y’all watch the season finale of P Valley, well if not… go watch and come back because SPOILER ALERT! We had to talk about the storyline of Uncle Cliff and Lil Murda who both deserve Emmy nominations for their depiction of a story that is not often told in the mainstream. Megan Thee Stallion talk about how she read for the roll of Mercedes and we talk about her new album Traumazine and how women in hip-hop have crazy standards set on them.

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