Breathing Techniques for Pregnancy, Labor, and Delivery


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Breathing during pregnancy gets tough as baby starts to push on your diaphragm and you get more and more uncomfortable. But breathing (and breathing deeply!) during pregnancy is one of the keys to finding more comfort in your growing body, overcoming anxiety, relaxing your muscles, centering your mind, dealing with nausea, dealing with pain and extreme sensations... the list goes on. And while simply focusing on your breath is helpful, there are several techniques you can use to target specific outcomes. The branch of yoga called pranayama is full of such techniques that will not only help you to tune in to your body on a deeper level but to find a more balanced, relaxed state.
The first half of this episode covers the basics of your respiratory system and how it works in tandem with your nervous system. The second half goes over three different breaths and how you might use each one: sama vritti, for balance and centering; chandra bhedana, for finding calm and relaxation; and horse-lips breath, to relax the face, shoulders, and pelvic floor. Use these three breaths anytime during your pregnancy, labor, or delivery to connect back to your body and baby.
Deep breath -- let's dive in!
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