George and Eric answer your mailbag questions


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How much the league has changed in three years (2:32) Surplus value (6:07) How QBs can be less valuable (10:00) Speed round - current NFL questions (13:47) Which divisional favorite is most likely to miss the playoffs? (14:20) Importance of star talent/depth in position groups (21:09) Speed round - current NFL questions part 2 (24:33) What if the draft were auction style? (26:30) How would you bet the Seahawks win total? (31:20) Speed round - current NFL questions part 3 (35:45) Are people going to football games in 10 years? (36:52) The ideal way to play defense (42:14) The best run/pass ratio (45:31) The cutoff line at QB (50:28) Secondary rankings (56:28)

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