Episode 59: Interview with Ede Fox, The Black Carnivore!


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Happy to announce that my friend and KetoCon co-panelist on the Carnivore panel this past weekend. This was recorded prior to KetoCon. Enjoy!

Ede's Fox Bio: Ede Fox provide all the info & inspiration you need to make keto and carnivore a way of life so you can lose the weight you want & keep it off, ultimately achieving optimal health. By her family’s history, she should have high blood pressure, heart disease & be a 300lb diabetic by now, but four years ago she took control of my health and turned that around. Cutting carbs was hard but once she got through it she was amazed at how great she felt. Suddenly she had tons of energy, lost 80lbs & most importantly felt like she had a healthy way of eating that was sustainable for a lifetime! If you’re looking to take back your health or set yourself up for a long & healthy life, hangout here for more info or book a coaching session with her!

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