A Brand-New Type of Joint Venture to Quickly Scale-Up!


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Guest: Angela Dupuis & Joseph Sicurella, Real Estate Investors

Angela & Joey have been investors for many years. However, they only started taking Joint Venture partners in March 2021. After only a month of promoting their services, they found all the partners they wanted and more. They knew they were onto something. It all began when Angela was only 25 and she decided to house hack – buying a duplex, renovating it, living in it, and then buying next door and renting the whole place and repeating the process. Eventually, she met Joey who was in the construction industry. Together they bought a cottage to go skiing and then ventured into the Airbnb space. After working many years in human resources, Angela decided to join Joey full-time as a real estate investor. Listen to the full episode to hear some great tips and tricks on how to scale your portfolio, mistakes to avoid and how to enter the world of joint ventures.

Listen to the full episode at https://www.thereiteclub.com/podcast

In this episode you will learn about:

  • Working with your spouse
  • Joint Ventures for success
  • How to find the right type of property
  • Managing multiple projects at once
  • BRRRRing cottages
  • Debt-to-income issues…

Get in touch with Angela & Joey:
Website: https://angelaandjoey.com/

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