RLP 219: Southern Colonial Research


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Today's episode of Research Like a Pro is about the challenges of colonial research in the southern U.S. We discuss two things to help, and a case study. Join us as we talk about annotating historical maps and discovering legal context. Diana shares about our ancestor John Carey Royston, his migration and divorce.


Southern Colonial Research: Maps and the Law - https://familylocket.com/southern-colonial-research-maps-and-the-law/

Eight ways you can use ancestral trees at DNA Painter - https://blog.dnapainter.com/blog/eight-ways-you-can-use-ancestral-trees-at-dna-painter/

Six Levels of Ancestral Profiles – Level-up Challenge! - https://www.dutchgenealogy.nl/six-levels-ancestral-profiles/

DNA Painter adds Level-Up Challenge as Dimension! - https://www.dutchgenealogy.nl/dna-painter-adds-level-up-challenge-as-dimension/

Bristol, Gloucestershire, England, Servants to Foreign Plantations, 1654-1679; images online, FamilySearch (https://www.familysearch.org/search/catalog/582309); FHL microfilm 1597374, DGS 8224834.

U.S. Colonial Laws website at Bowling Green University - https://libguides.bgsu.edu/ColonialLaws

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Research Like a Pro with DNA: A Genealogist's Guide to Finding and Confirming Ancestors with DNA Evidence book by Diana Elder, Nicole Dyer, and Robin Wirthlin - https://amzn.to/3gn0hKx

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