Anthony Edwards on His All-Star Snub, Playoff Hopes, and Favorite Players to Go Against | Off Guard with Austin Rivers


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Austin and Pausha are joined by Minnesota Timberwolves star Anthony Edwards, a.k.a. “Ant-Man,” for a fun, wide-ranging conversation. They start by reacting to the fresh news of Ant not being selected as a Western Conference All-Star and discuss other players who may have been overlooked (3:48). Then, they talk through his past playing football before eventually finding his passion in basketball (9:38) and dive into last year’s playoff run against the Grizzlies and how playoff experience has impacted his performance this season (13:07), before touching on his favorite players to face off against (20:01). Plus, a hilarious Rapid Fire: Timberwolves Edition segment (36:28)!

Hosts: Austin Rivers and Pausha Haghighi

Guest: Anthony Edwards

Producer: Ben Cruz

Associate Producer: Erika Cervantes

Additional Production Support: Megan Schuster

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