The ‘Cheap Heat’ Friday Something: NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez on Accomplishing Her Dreams


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Ahead of her NXT “Vengeance Day” performance, the new NXT Women’s Champion joins Rosenberg for an inspirational conversation about the 21-year-old’s journey to the top of professional wrestling. Today, Perez tells Rosenberg about:

  • What it was like winning the NXT title last year (3:00)
  • Her relationship with Booker T. and her experience at his wrestling promotion (4:20)
  • Why she is so confident she will win the women’s Royal Rumble one day (7:03)
  • The moment WWE called her (26:10)
  • Dream matchups in WWE (32:30)

Plus, she talks about the moments she considered quitting, saying no to high school hangouts so she could take the Greyhound to wrestling events instead, getting her mother on board with her wrestling career, and more. And to polish off the episode, Rosenberg hits some Mailbag (35:00).

Host: Peter Rosenberg

Producer: Troy Farkas

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