Latest Prospect Rankings and Previewing The Ringer’s NBA Draft Guide


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KOC and J. Kyle Mann open the show by discussing the recent performances of Alabama’s Brandon Miller (04:40), Florida State’s Baba Miller (14:21), and Kentucky’s Cason Wallace (22:16). Ahead of Thursday's release of The Ringer’s NBA Draft Guide, the guys debate the rankings of prospects like Houston’s Jarace Walker (34:12), Alabama’s Noah Clowney (42:39), and more. They wrap up the conversation by debating whether UCLA’s Jaime Jaquez Jr. is worthy of a first-round pick, and if Kris Murray can rise up the board like his twin brother Keegan did in last year’s draft (50:03).

Hosts: Kevin O’Connor and J. Kyle Mann

Associate Producer: Jessie Lopez

Production Supervision: Ben Cruz

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