From Graphic Designer to CEO: Building Your Team and Scaling Your Business with Kim Dow


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If you're a solopreneur looking to scale your service-based business and build your team from the ground up, don't miss this episode of The Sassy Strategist Podcast!

Host, Kim Dawson interviews Kim Dow, CEO/Owner, Publisher, and Creative Director for Sass Magazine and Sass Studios where Kim (Dow) shares her story of launching her graphic design business with no clients, to building not one, but three companies.

Guest Bio: Kim Dow is an entrepreneur at heart. She has combined her creative spirit with her drive to empower women with her love of animals to start three award-winning businesses. Her flagship company is Sass Studios—a boutique branding and creative design studio that specializes in supporting and empowering women-owned businesses by helping them cultivate their visual “voice”.

Kim also launched Sass Magazine, a women's lifestyle and professional publication that celebrates real women. With both a regional printed magazine as well as a national online base, Sass Magazine serves up articles on a variety of topics including career, wellness, travel, style, beauty, home, (and more!). Additionally, Kim also launched, a lifestyle website for modern day dog owners and lovers.

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