How Client Values Influence Business Growth with Kim Dawson


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Identifying what your ideal client values, and aligning this with your own business values, is probably the most important factor in helping your business move forward. What your clients value most will determine which services and/or products you offer, how you will market them, and what you will charge for them.

In this episode of The Sassy Strategist, Business Strategist and Host, Kim Dawson teaches you how to identify your clients’ values, as well as your own, and use this information to guide you through the next stage of growing your business. If you’ve thought about launching a new revenue stream, expanding into a new market, or simply increasing revenue and profitability, then don’t miss this episode!

Host Bio:

Kim Dawson is a lifelong entrepreneur with businesses spanning from co-founding a software company to owning/operating a fitness and wellness studio. With her background in both entrepreneurship and accounting, Kim evolved into a business strategist specializing in helping small business owners build profitable, and sustainable businesses.

Kim is passionate about helping her clients understand the financial side of their business in order to make smart decisions, manage and grow their business successfully, and have a business that fits their lifestyle.

Her purpose is to help small business owners enjoy financial freedom, a flexible schedule, and a fulfilling, well-balanced life. Kim strives to help you create financial security from your business, along with more free time, more joy, and less stress.

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