How to Stand Out in a Highly Competitive Industry with Kim Dawson


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With so much of our business being online, does it feel like the amount of competition you have is endless? Do you struggle to feel seen and heard, and want to know how you can stand out so your audience can find you, without having to follow social media trends or copy everyone else? Do you want to create a unique brand, but unsure how to overcome the feeling of being discouraged by all the competition?

On this episode of the Sassy Strategist Podcast, host Kim Dawson shares her number one strategy for dealing with a highly competitive industry, including sharing her own experience with it. Kim discusses what you need to build a unique personal brand, why it’s much easier than you may think, and how discovering who you are, and what your business and brand is really all about, can lead to feeling like you have no competition at all.


Kim Dawson is a results-driven business strategist and an expert at turning a good business into a great one. Her clients have reached their current capacity and need to make changes in order to generate more profits and get their time back! With over 20 years of entrepreneurship and accounting experience, Kim helps small businesses optimize their pricing and procedures while navigating niche markets and building a team without cutting into their profitability.

If you’re ready to transition from day-to-day service provider to CEO, book a discovery call with Kim at

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