Rethink Your Tax Strategy with Ronica Brown


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While talking about taxes isn’t the most glamorous topic of conversation, it’s a necessary one for all of us, especially if you own your own business. On this episode of The Sassy Strategist Podcast, listen in to Ronica Brown, CPA, advisor and tax strategist and I as we attempt to make “tax talk” interesting, and dare I say, fun. Well, at the very least, we share helpful tips for how to better understand tax strategy, and how to use it to improve your financial situation, and maximize profit in your business.


Ronica Brown, CPA is a tax professional with over 12 years of tax planning and tax preparation experience. She has worked with organizations of various sizes ranging from SMEs to large corporations.

Her aim is to help entrepreneurs rethink their tax strategies by focusing on strategic tax planning. That’s the only way to significantly reduce how much they pay in taxes.

She has worked with her team to help clients reduce their tax bills by 30% or more. These tax savings have empowered them to grow their businesses, invest, and develop exit strategies.

However, tax planning isn’t the only aspect of Ronica’s life. She’s a wife and mother who is passionate about gardening and cooking. In fact, she has a wide variety of plants in her backyard.

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