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It's October, the bloodiest month of the year, between all the horror shows to stream and the NFL this month, it is already full of carnage. By far, the scariest thing we saw last week was when Tua literally left his body on Thursday Night Football, it was so intense it caused J.J. Watt's heart to skip beats. We reflect on the drama in Boston that pre-occupied all the bro-hive minds last week. After the dust settled, we wonder if the Celtics didn't go far enough, sorry visor bros, we have a very unconventional take here.

Jeffrey Dahmer is back in the pop culture lexicon, we wonder if the reaction was too much or too little and why its probably not the case either way. We also save you about 5 hours by providing all the reasons to avoid Netflix's 'Devil in Ohio' as we round out our beer infused rants with another rousing bunch of assholes of the week. Don't forget to stick around for the picks, they're some of the best we've had all year! Now that you read this long winded, poorly grammatical synopsis, you might as well listen in... or F**k off!

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