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Please visit to enjoy the video interviews with our Masters of the Month. Bonnitta Roy is an award-winning scholar of integral process philosophy. She served the President of the National Qigong Association. Now she is an associate editor of the internationally acclaimed Integral Review Journal. Her rural home, called "Alderlore", is surrounded by old growth forest in the hillsides of the Berkshire Mountains in Northwest Connecticut. Alderlore is also a retreat center that offers two educational programs. The first program is "Qigong with Horses." It includes workshops where the horses teach people about energy, body language, emotional balance and how to engage the natural world on a deeper level. The second program focuses on "insight training" - helping people to tap into the transformational power of the mind in its natural state. Insight training workshops activate intuitive awareness by cultivating the ability to perceive the world directly, and the capacity to experience equanimity. When mind is in its natural state, we can discover what is possible that has never been possible before.

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