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Dr. Sonia Gaemi Hoshemi is a Persian Qigong teacher known for teaches how to achieve self-healing and mind-body harmony for health, love, and life-long peace. Dr Sonia’s unique background enables her to see patients as a whole – a work of scientific art. For 30 years she has studied Western, Chinese and Middle Eastern medicine, with an emphasis on Qigong energy healing, acupressure, Silk Road Tea, and cultural wisdom. Her knowledge and experience with food and energy healing from around the world has made her an internationally respected nutritionist and healer. Dr. Sonia is a Registered Dietitian, with an internship at UC Berkeley. She holds a BS, BA, and MA in Nutrition and Dietetics, and a Doctorate in International Multicultural Education, with emphasis on nutritional psychology. She now holds a position as the Principle Investigator for the Public Health Institute of Berkeley. She is recognized worldwide for pioneering research on natural hormone therapy, and epidemiological studies of thousands of women and children. Dr. Sonia is the founder of Women for Cultural Wisdom and its new millennium model, “One Day Self Healing with Food Project” and was the purveyor of healing teas at The Hague Peace Conference in 2000. Dr. Sonia hosted TV, radio, and Internet programs merging food therapy, herbal tea, Qigong energy healing, and meditation through media to promote wise, healthy and energized lifestyles. Her current goal is to establish international Self-Healing Centers, where individuals may connect to enhance integrated nutritional and energy healing networks, empowering them as leaders in self-healing.

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