Episode 51: The Fifty First Episode Spectacular PART ONE


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You've done how many?

Yes it's true dear listener! It's been FIFTY episodes of the Silly History boys show!

And we invite you to join the silliest of boys for a celebration/self indulgent episode that looks back over two years of doing some history and ALOT of silly voices!

Join Bilbo, Pear Bear, Dear Uncle Bob Bob and Tombo as they enjoy a light ale and one another's company (mostly)

In Part One we chat about our favourite shows, silliest voices and finally settle who the best actor is (that doesn't happen)

If you've been listening from the start you can look back over the birth of 'action radio'...and if you've just joined us...well its not normally like this BUT maybe it'll whet your appetite to look through our back catalogue!

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