94: Willard (2003)


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Inspired by Matt Donato's Letterboxd list, "Revenge O The Remakes: A Ranking of Horror Remakes". We are taking a look a FOUR horror remakes of our own.

Colony of rats! A social misfit! Old mansion! This week the boys meet a rat named BEN, a smart rat, and try to outlast greasy weirdo, WILLARD.
This remake to the 1971 film featured BRUCE DAVISON in the title role. He briefly appears in a painting as WILLARD's father. A dark fairy tale, perfectly balanced between strange humor and graphic horror. CRISPIN GLOVER, evokes calm weirdness and sensitivity. Is WILLARD a cult classic or forgettable remake?
In TV Corner, we review episode 9, the second to last episode. Things are coming to ahead and so much more!!
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