THE STEFANIE GASS SHOW - Get Clear on Your Calling & Start an Online Business! Get More Clients, Start a Podcast, & Monetize Your Gifts!


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Get Clear on Your Calling so You Can Confidently Start an Online Business! What if ’working from home’ meant sitting behind a mic once a week and monetizing your ’thing’ with coaching OR courses? What if you were able to be fully present for your family because your ’job’ took less than 20 hours a week? What if you were partnered WITH God to create impact and income and you knew you were walking out His path for your life? It’s possible, friend. Are you tired of trying to figure out your ‘thing‘? Are you sick of wasting time on social media and trying all the newest platforms only to stay stuck? Do you wish you could use your gifts for glory and create an impact by helping people? Do you wish there was a way to grow an organic audience without using video, ads, or funnels? How about working less, making more, and having time and energy to spend time with God and your family? In this podcast, you will find the freedom and permission to do business God‘s way. My mission is to empower and equip you to clarify your calling, use your voice for impact, and create a passive income business using podcasting, e-courses, and coaching. If you‘re ready to say YES to everything the world says you aren‘t and everything God says you are - you‘re in the right place! Hey, I‘m Stefanie Gass. Daughter of the king. Wife. Boy Mom.#PjsAllDayEnthusiast. After chasing success the world‘s way for 6 years, being a six-figure corporate exec, then a top 1% network marketer - I was still lost. The money wasn‘t changing my life and I was slowly losing the things that were most important to me. After a business failure and full-on identity crisis in 2016, God restored me. He led me back to HIS path for my life and asked me to be a light for other women (Matthew 5:14) who were ready to lead a God-centered business. He blessed me with the gift of clarity and told me GO, sweet daughter. 3 years later I am in awe of his favor and the work I GET TO DO - helping women just like you uncover their callings, create online businesses, podcasts, and passive courses. Guiding them on how to partner with God in life and business. All the Amens. One thing I know for sure... your dreams pale in comparison to God’s dreams for you. Let‘s step into Proverbs 31 and stand up for God‘s kingdom, our family, and our purpose. Get ready for business strategy, live coaching, biblical wisdom, and all things entrepreneurship. When we let God light our paths we experience true miracles! Re-heat that coffee or pop that La Croix, sis. It’s time to get your learn on! Learn -> Connect -> Community -> Instagram -> @stefaniegass FREE CLARITY WORKSHOP -> Wanna work together, friend!? Here to help you start and scale a God-centered business: Step 1: Get Clarity on Your God-led Calling: Step 2: Grow an Organic, Evergreen Audience using Podcasting: Step 3: Monetize & Scale your Podcast using courses and coaching: Contact us at:

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