The Sweep Spot # 327 - Disneyland 1952 with Historian Jim Korkis


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Disneyland, as a company, originated in 1952, but Disneyland as an idea existed before that, and got rejected by a city council. Historian & author Jim Korkis discusses these facts with us on this episode. Hear all about the plans that were rejected and more about the origins of Disneyland.

We have authored two books: Cleaning The Kingdom: Insider Tales of Keeping Walt’s Dream Spotless and Cleaning The Kingdom: Night, Day, Past and Present.

The Sweep Spot is a podcast with full episodes every two weeks, focusing on the Disneyland Resort. Lynn Barron and Ken Pellman, former Disneyland Day Custodial Foremen are your hosts.For more information and to order books, visit our official website:

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