The Trail Went Cold – Episode 283 – Gordon Page Jr. & Kristi Krebs


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May 26, 1991. Grand Rapids, Michigan. 28-year old Gordon Page Jr. is discovered to be missing from his room at the Cascade Foster Care Home, a residential treatment centre for individuals with autism. Since a man matching Gordon’s description is seen hitchhiking on a nearby interstate, it is theorized that he escaped from the home in order to travel to Florida to see his family. There are additional reported eyewitness sightings of Gordon and a baseball card collection which is believed to belong to him is found underneath an overpass in the weeks following his disappearance, but he continues to remain a missing person.

August 10, 1993. Mendocino County, California. 22-year old Kristi Krebs leaves her job at a pizza parlour, but never returns home and her abandoned car is found stuck in some mud in a remote wooded area the following day. The scene mirrors an incident from three years earlier where a car Kristi was driving caught fire in another wooded area and she suffered a psychotic trauma-related breakdown which caused her to temporarily lose her memory. Since there are multiple reports of a disoriented-looking woman matching Kristi’s description hitchhiking throughout the country, there is fear that she suffered another breakdown and completely forgot who she was, but Kristi is never found.

On this week’s episode of “The Trail Went Cold”, we explore a pair of missing persons cases which were featured on “Unsolved Mysteries” and are still without a resolution three decades later.

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