Episode 671: Compuslive Sexual Behaviors & Trauma with Marie Damgaard, BA, MEd.


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Marie has worked in the field of trauma, addiction and sexuality for over 15 years, beginning with research work during her undergraduate degree in the areas of aging and sexuality, and sexual experiences for men and women and ‘non-normative’ sexual patterns.
During my graduate degree, I received extensive training in working with sexually compulsive clients. Additionally, I am a Sex Therapist certification candidate and am excited to support a vast landscape of sexuality as I expand my understanding about human sexuality in supporting diverse clients.
Marie has also been trained to work alongside marginalized populations such as sex workers and Transgender individuals. Other areas of clinical specialization include, sexual trauma, erectile dysfunction, and chronic pelvic pain.
These experiences have informed how she views the continuum of sexuality which has various expressions and depth. Her range of expertise spans from the shadow side (including out of control sexual behaviour and the effect on partners), to sex therapy and the rainbow end of the spectrum with more nuanced behaviours through mutual negotiation and consent.
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