20: Mom in the Hot Seat! - Mental Health & Motherhood with Matana Jacobs of Hope to Recharge


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Matana Jacobs of HopeToRecharge.com is on a mission to erase the stigma around mental health.

This is a noble cause for anyone, but the fact that she's doing it as a supportive spouse to her business-owner husband, around her five children (count 'em, 1-2-3-4-FIVE!), as a globetrotter who spends much of her time on the road, AND as a multi-passionate entrepreneur herself is BEYOND AMAZING!

Hear how she does it in today's episode, which includes her own journey battling depression and top tips and take-aways for moms everywhere.


Today's episode is brought to you by the Passion Planner, which you can check out at bit.ly/passionplan2019

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