Fasting for Women & Nutritional Sovereignty | Steph Lowe (The Natural Nutritionist) #091


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Not just women, but everyone will cope with and should approach fasting and other metabolic interventions in a way that is uniquely suitable for them.

Go beyond outdated public health advice and dietary fads and increase your sovereignty and intuition in knowing what is the most suitable and supportive nutritional routine for you.
🥑 Steph’s Journey Into Nutrition & Education
🥑 Eating Disorders & The Obsoleteness of Calorie Counting
🥑 Ayurvedic Nutritional Advice For Everyone
🥑 And Introduction to Fasting in Ayurveda
🥑 Very Easy To Apply Fasting
🥑 Fasting for Fertile Women
🥑 Fasting for Post-Menopausal Women
🥑 Top Three Biggest Myths of A Conventional Diet
🥑 General Dietary Advice For Pregnant Women
🥑 How to Move Away From a One-Size-Fits-All Model Of Nutrition
ABOUT OUR GUEST: Steph Lowe (The Natural Nutritionist)
After many years of darkness and a life lacking purpose, that almost led her to pharmaceutical intervention, Steph had a powerful awakening.

She truly understood that one’s contribution to the human experience is where true growth and healing lies.

Since praticising as a Nutritionist in 2011, Steph has never been healthier or happier.

In addition to mentoring health practitioners, Steph runs The Natural Nutritionist and is the host of the popular podcast, Health, Happiness & Human Kind. By combining her signature pillars of health, happiness and consciousness, Steph is transforming lives all over the globe.

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