1007: Jeremy Skillington of Poolbeg: First time AI has been used to identify multiple disease targets in RSV


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Jeremy Skillington, CEO of Poolbeg Pharma #POLB discusses the significant breakthrough in its Artificial Intelligence Programme, with partner OneThree Biotech Inc, through the discovery of multiple novel drug targets for the treatment of Respiratory Syncytial Virus.

Following the completion of the build and optimisation of a tailored AI model in June 2022, the OneThree team, using its clinically validated AI platform, have identified novel drug targets using Poolbeg's unique RSV human challenge trial data.
The identification of these novel drug targets now allows the final stage of the programme to commence which will involve the identification of small molecule inhibitors to effectively treat RSV infections.
The team are particularly excited as these include a range of targets for which there are known drugs with existing Phase I safety and tolerability data. Prioritisation of compounds with existing Phase I data aligns with Poolbeg's capital light model as these compounds will have extensive nonclinical and clinical data allowing smooth transition to early human efficacy trials.
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