1008: Top 5 Most Read RNS's on Vox Markets for Tuesday 8th November 2022


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Top 5 Most Read RNS's on Vox Markets for Tuesday 8th November 2022
5. Poolbeg Pharma #POLB - AI programme yields novel RSV drug targets

Poolbeg Pharma announces that it has made a significant breakthrough in its Artificial Intelligence Programme with partner OneThree Biotech, Inc., through the discovery of novel drug targets for the treatment of RSV.
4. Gfinity #GFIN - Appointment for Red Bull Home Ground Tournament

Gfinity announces it has extended its long running partnership with Red Bull and entered into a commercial agreement as the production partner for the third edition of Red Bull Home Ground.
3. Union Jack Oil #UJO - Project Operational Update

Union Jack Oil notes that Egdon Resources, has today published its preliminary results for the year ended 31 July 2022 and provided operational commentary on a number of projects in which Union Jack holds material economic interests
Highlights: Wressle production has significantly exceeded forecast expectations with zero water to date. Strong performance at Wressle maintained and enhanced whilst progressing both the gas monetisation and Penistone Flags development as priorities
2. Argo Blockchain #ARB - October Operational Update

During the month of October, Argo mined 204 Bitcoin or Bitcoin Equivalents (together, BTC) compared to 215 BTC in September 2022. The decrease in BTC mined was primarily due to a significant increase in the Bitcoin network difficulty in October compared to September.
1. Avacta Group #AVCT - Result of the Open Offer

Avacta Group announced on 18 October 2022 the details of a proposed Open Offer to raise gross proceeds of up to approximately £2.0 million through the issue of up to 2.1m Open Offer Shares at 95p.
The Company is pleased to announce that it has received valid applications under the Open Offer in respect of 16.3m Open Offer Shares. This represents approximately 772% of the Open Offer Shares offered to Qualifying Shareholders pursuant to the Open Offer.

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