1009: Stefan Bernstein of GreenRoc: Spheronisation Tests are a very significant milestone for Amitsoq Graphite Project


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Stefan Bernstein CEO of GreenRoc Mining #GROC discusses how the positive spheronisation tests are a very significant milestone for their flagship Amitsoq Graphite Project in South Greenland.

· Graphite concentrate from Amitsoq is very suitable for micronisation and spheronisation, with a high-quality spherical graphite easily produced and exhibiting good commercial properties.
· A primary concentrate product of at least 96.5% graphite can be achieved with relatively little processing.
· The concentrate micronised easily and with relatively little energy input, resulting in a very uniform micronised material.
· Two spherical graphite products were then produced, with median diameters of 15 and 19 micrometers, respectively.
· The physical target values for spherical graphite, such as narrow particle size distribution and high tap density, were achieved and exceeded.
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