1025: Top 5 Most Read RNS's on Vox Markets for Wednesday 16th November 2022


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Top 5 Most Read RNS's on Vox Markets for Wednesday 16th November 2022
5. Biome Technologies #BIOM - Biome receives £282k grant

Biome announces that its Bioplastics division has been awarded £282,000 in funding from Innovate UK, the UK Government's innovation agency, to support the scale-up of novel compostable biopolymers for the flexible packaging and coatings industries.
4. Contango Holdings #CGO - Holding(s) in Company

Namdar Family Holdings hold 8.8% of the company's shares with attached voting rights.
3. GSTechnologies #GST - GS20 Exchange soft launch

GSTechnologies Limited is pleased to announce the soft launch of its cryptoasset exchange, based in Lithuania, and the completion of the change in company name for the Group's operating entity UAB Glindala to GS Fintech UAB.
2. Baron Oil #BOIL - Results of REX Retail Offer

It has raised aggregate gross proceeds of approximately £0.36 million pursuant to the REX Retail Offer. In total, the Placing and Subscription and the REX Retail Offer have raised gross proceeds of approximately £5.36 million for the Company,
1. 4d Pharma #DDDD - Blautix Phase II Clinical Trial Results Published

The results highlight the positive effects of Blautix® on key regulator-defined clinical symptoms of IBS, altered bowel habits and abdominal pain, both in patients with IBS with predominant constipation (IBS-C) or IBS with predominant diarrhoea (IBS-D). Blautix was well tolerated, with a safety profile comparable to placebo.

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